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Practice Area Keys

APP - Appellate EST - Estate Planning PAT - Patent Law
BANK - Bankruptcy FAM - Family Law, Divorce PI - Personal Injury
BUS - Business Law FED - Federal Court Litigation PROB - Probate
CRIM - Criminal Defense INNET - Internet Law RE - Real Estate
CIV - Civil Law INT - International Law SS - Social Security
COLL - Collections JUV - Juvenile Law TAX - Tax Law
COMM - Commercial Law LAB - Labor Law TRD - Trademark
COPY - Copyright Law LAND - LAND USE TRAF - Traffic Law
DUI - Driving Under the Influence L/T - Landlord Tenant UNF - Unfair Competition
EMP - Employment Law MED - Mediator WC - Workers' Compensation
ENV - Environmental Law MUN - Municipal Court WD - Wrongful Death